DIY SEO vs Expert SEO: Weighing Your Options


There are always two ways of doing things: your way or the professional way. Even in highly technical fields such as search engine optimization, there are those who prefer to go the DIY route while others simply recognize that doing credible SEO is way beyond their league. If you own a website or have a business with an online presence, this is the question that you will almost always have to answer: should you do SEO yourself or should you hire a professional? Like all things, you need to weigh your options. 


The DIYer of SEO


Many think that search engine optimization is simply knowing the right keywords that are used by any given cluster of users or target audience. They also know the value of building links and will often link their website to their respective social media network accounts in the hope of generating the much-needed traffic. They also know how important it is to keep their content really fresh and of the highest possible quality. Many SEO DIYers already know the basics of search engine optimization. Sadly, that’s just about it.



If we are to really examine the growth of SEO, it often runs parallel to the rollout of updates to the search algorithms of the various search engine platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. The unfortunate thing is that many DIYers simply are not updated with the trends as well as the latest updates so they are essentially still using outdated, largely inefficient techniques. Moreover, there is actually no guaranteeing that the basic SEO techniques they are employing can be considered as best-of-industry practices or that these are white hat SEO and not your much-dreaded black hat SEO.

In short, many DIYers may know the basics of SEO but they simply don’t know how to respond to the changes that are continuously being introduced or rolled out by search engines. Additionally, they don’t know about keyword mapping, putting H1 tags or even Alt tags, or even XML sitemaps. You may save a ton of money by doing the SEO yourself but are you driving the traffic that will generate income for you? There is a great article if you’d like to learn more about Search Engine Optimization beginners.


Online SEO


Hiring an Expert


The only downside to hiring a professional is the cost. However, if you’re going to look at just how well the increased traffic is going to generate continuous-flow income for you or your business, the cost of hiring an SEO expert becomes largely irrelevant. SEO experts know everything there is to know about how to increase traffic to your website. They will create an SEO strategic plan for you and your organization which will become the blueprint for your success. They can also train your people so they will also become proficient at SEO. They will make sure that your website adheres to the latest Google updates so that you will not be meted with penalties. In short, you can bet that your marketing strategies will bear fruit with an SEO expert on board.

Should you do SEO the DIY way? Or is it better to hire someone who’s really an expert on the matter? Common sense says you’re better off with an SEO expert. Go to Calgary SEO discovery form to start with us today.

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