Use Reddit to Grow Your Local Business


Use Reddit in Calgary to grow your local business

Use Reddit in Calgary to grow your local business


What is Reddit and how can you use it to grow your Local Business


If you are fortunate enough to live in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta then you should take advantage of the website called Reddit. Reddit is a networking service that provides social news, regular news, and entertainment. People who are registered in the Reddit community can submit various content such as posts, text, or direct links. A registered user then can vote on which of the submissions will be in a specific position on the site’s pages. The submission that has the most positive votes will appear at the top of a category or on the main page.

The different content entries are then organized into various areas of interest called subreddits. The topic for a subreddit can include gaming, movies, news items, fitness points, music, food, photos, or a variety of many other topics. It is interesting to note that there are currently approximately 1.10B monthly visitors. This means that Reddit is rated number 9 in the United States as the most visited website and it is rated number 26 in the world.

The history of this amazing social networking site is quite interesting. It was originally founded by two students from the University of Virginia. Later, it became a direct subsidiary of a company’s whose parent company is Advance Publications. The company is based in San Francisco California and has a value of over $500 million. Some of the investors include Ron Conway, Snoop Dogg, and Jared Leto.

This amazing social networking organization is very interactive and the residents of Calgary are using it at every opportunity. The site is free to use and when an item is submitted as a subreddit, the various users who are called Redditors, have the option to vote the submission with a positive up vote or a negative down vote. Each of these subreddits will have a front page. This front page will show any of the newer submissions that are highly rated. A Redditor also has the option to comment on the submissions and there can be a response back to the comment by another Redditor. Therefore, there can be a continual conversation going on between two Redittors. Even the comments submitted can be either down voted or up voted.


Reddit will help you expand your brand for FREE!

Reddit will help you expand for FREE!


As mentioned previously, a Reddit account is free to use and it does not require a personal email address to complete the registration. Interestingly, a Reddit community often coordinates a Reddit-external project that can skew a poll on another website. For example, in 2007 the Greenpeace Association used this process to help name a humpback whale that it was currently tracking. The winning submission that was voted on by various Reddit users was Mr. Splashy Pants.

We live in the world that thoroughly utilizes the many venues that social media networking sites have to offer. The users of Reddit have discovered that this particular form of social networking is both productive and enjoyable. Therefore, if you happen to be a resident of Calgary, Alberta and you should join the thousands of your fellow Calgarian’s who are enjoying this amazing website.

Reddit also just announced a new type of ads. You can now boost an article written by somebody else about your brand if it’s beneficial to you. Example: if a Nike brand finds a very cool post written by a Reddit member, the brand can go to Reddit and ask to advertise that post. It is not 100 clear how this will play out in reality, but you can read more on how to create a Reddit ad here.

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