Most business owners are aware of the importance of SEO in their overall digital marketing strategy. Nonetheless, three are some who believe SEO is nothing more than a scam, the snake oil of the digital world. If you also consider SEO a waste of money, you should keep on reading, as this article might help you see the truth.

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SEO is an excellent source of targeted traffic


First of all, successful SEO is an excellent source of targeted traffic. It can bring you a steady flow of qualified leads, thus enabling you to enjoy a very high conversion rate. If you target the right keywords, the visitors to your site are going to be people who already need your products and seek to buy them. Moreover, they find you at the right moment, just when they are ready and willing to make a purchase. This is why these visitors have a higher conversion rate than your average consumer. They are already convinced they need the products or services they’ve been searching for when they’ve landed on your website.


SEO Can Help You Stand Out From The Crowd


Clearly, you need these people to come to your website. Nonetheless, how can SEO help you, since even the most seasoned experts in the industry encounter problems in deciphering Google’s algorithm updates and penalties? Naysayers are right in a way; low-quality SEO is a waste of money. If your agency targets the wrong keywords or acquires inbound links from inappropriate websites, you are paying them for nothing, as the results aren’t going to show anytime soon.



On the contrary, if your optimization is handled by experts who know how to do things the right way, SEO can bring your business tremendous benefits. As everything starts with targeting the right keywords, your SEO agency should know how to assess the volume and the commercial value of various terms, as well as their competitiveness. Fighting to get top rankings for an extremely competitive term is a waste of money. On the contrary, a high volume keyword with good commercial intent but with low or average competition could be a winner that’s going to bring you a lot of new clients.

An SEO professional who uses outdated techniques doesn’t have too many chances to obtain results. Nonetheless, a clever expert who keeps an eye on all industry news and algorithm changes is always going to know when to drop a technique and when to embrace a new one, so he has the best chances to help you rank for valuable terms that can help your business grow.

In conclusion, only low-quality SEO is a waste of money. When performed by good professionals, it can be a real goldmine, one of the most efficient activities you can invest your marketing budgets in. As a matter of fact, a smart business owner should consider developing a solid SEO strategy and implement it with the help of the best experts he could possibly hire. The sooner they start working, the better the chances this business has to dominate the SERPs and grab a nice slice of the market.

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