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What is a Website Audit?


Website Audits are an examination of your site using specific parameters to highlight the challenges and opportunities for improvements.

Website Audits or “where your website ranks” audits, are usually general audits where the system looks at your site and analyzes specific areas for potential or existing problems, opportunities, and challenges. Calgary SEO Solutions analysis will provide the following:

Core Analysis – website speed, language, Google Author Markup, Schema, W3C report compliance

URL Analysis – meta/title, image, heading tags, content,

Social Media Analysis – profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google)

Ranking & Local – list of any Local directories

Link Analysis – page and root domain

Summary Section

The website audits are meant to offer you an analysis of your site and give you an overview of everything that is occurring or might have occurred.  Your audit is going to contain a lot of information. It will include a summary analysis to help you quickly understand where your site stands, what the issues are and where your points of action are going to be.

Why Do You Need a Website Audit?


What you think is wrong with your site, generally isn’t. Many clients are absolutely sure that they are doing everything right on their website which is farthest from the truth. Without doing a comprehensive Website Audit you wouldn’t learn what needs improvement.

Our quick SEO audit will give you an overview of the top issues that are helping or hurting your site’s performance. It provides business owners with a FREE, comprehensive report that examines critical SEO issues. No more guessing, acquire the knowledge you need to get results.


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