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How To Capture Your Market With Google Hangouts


Use Google Hangouts to Grow Your Business

Use Google Hangouts to Grow Your Business


Social Media marketing has become one of the most effective and result oriented marketing strategies of all time. People are more active on social sites, than any other mode of communication and advertising. As a result, more and more businesses are incorporating social marketing in their advertising campaigns. Google Hangout is a new advertising method creating buzz in the industry. It is a free social media tool and can be highly profitable for your business. It enables you to hold group conversations, turn sessions into live video calls, and record the calls. You also easily share photos, screen and message with up to 10 participants at one time. .

So how can you use Google Hangouts, one of the leading social media platforms to promote and market your business? How can it help it capture your market? We’ll find out the answers to these questions in this post. Here are seven ways to help you get attain your social media marketing goals.


Hold Live Product Demonstration


You can use Google Hangouts to give demonstrations about your product and services. It will help you interact with your customers and associates in a live environment and solve their queries instantly. You can teach them how to make the best use of your products and guide them about other important elements. It is a free and fastest way to hangout with on one-on-one with anyone who is looking for additional information. It gives you the ability to invite up to 9 people at one time. Pick your nine most curious customers and give them exclusive live demonstration on your new product line.


Capture Your Hangout Moments And Share With Other Customers


Google Capture is an application that enables you to click photographers on a live video call and share them with others who couldn’t be a part of your Google Hangout. You surely cannot interact personally with thousands of people in one day. It is better to help people learn and know more about your procedures through these in progress picture shots.


Provide Instant Customer Support


Use Google Hangouts to provide one-on-one customer support. This is a great way to connect with your customers who are looking for some instant resolutions to their problems. Also this service gives your customers the opportunity to discuss their problems from the very comfort of their home of office. In fact, the biggest advantage of using this tool is that even you can provide 24 hours customer support to your customers from the comfort of your home as well.


Host Online Launch Party For New Products


As a business, your success lies in the innovation and creativity you indulge in your business to attract customers. Apparently, organizing an online launch party for your new product line is a great way to make your customers feel special and honored. Try to connect them on special occasions, especially the ones who couldn’t make it to the party.


Create a Standing Hangout


Schedule a particular time when you’ll only entertain the queries and suggestions from your customers through face-to-face communication. Let’s say you choose Friday 6p.m for this task every week. Let your customers know that they are free to express themselves and you are willing to incorporate their suggestions in your business. You can distribute online coupon codes on such hangouts as well, to attract more and more new customers. here is a link to step by step instructions on how to create Google Hangout. 

If used properly, Google Hangout can prove to be a great social tool for your business in numerous ways. You can advertise and promote your products or service without making any kind of investment. Moreover, you can connect with your customers and promote your business from the very comfort of your home and office.

Share Google Hangout to Social Networks

Share Google Hangout to Social Networks


Don’t forget to share your Google Hangout to different Social Networks! Here is a list of 500 + Popular and Emerging Social Networks.


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