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All You Need to Know About Facebook Branding for Small Businesses











Since you are already reading this article, I am assuming you either run a small business or are interested in finding out what Facebook branding means. Well, to put in simple words, branding is the practice of marketing an image, a logo or even an idea in a way that differentiates you from your competition. Effective branding can give you a leading edge over your competitors. Now that we know what branding is, let’s learn about Facebook branding.

Simply creating a business page on Facebook won’t be branding, but it sure can be the start of it. Facebook business pages are amazing as it lets you promote various images, slogans or even logos that have a chance of becoming iconic someday.

Now that your page has been set up, you need to add your business URL on your Facebook page. Want to know why? Well, there may be times when your loyal Facebook fans would want to know more about the services/products you offer. Where do you take them? Well, of course, your website!

Unlike the other forms of marketing, Facebook takes branding to a whole new level. The approach is more casual and friendly where instead of trying to showcase your products/service in a more corporate way you develop a voice that communicates with people who are sitting on the other side of the digital world. On your website, you talk about your products, tell your website visitors about the warranties or guarantees, your team members, your company’s vision and mission and so on. Whereas, through Facebook, it all comes down to communication which gives your brand a human touch. Your fans are on Facebook because they want to socialize not because they want to know who your team members’ are- so all you need to do is- be social.

Post creating your Facebook page, you need to develop it. This is the most important part of your branding efforts. You need to identify your target audience and offer your service accordingly.  You will have to step in their shoes, speak their language, study what will engage them most and curate content accordingly. So, let’s go step by step.

Step 1– Finding your voice.

Step 2– Developing quality content that resonates with your brand and gives expression to your voice.

Step 3– Publishing post that will gather responses from potential customers and fans.

Step 4– Post regularly to maintain that connection with your fans.

Step 5– Once your voice has been recognized by your fans and people start to engage with your posts by liking, commenting and sharing, reward them by commenting back and continuing the dialogue.

Facebook branding is not an overnight task. It takes time. Be patient, monitor the page properly and you’ll be thankful to have used Facebook branding to promote your small business.

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