7 High Authority Picture Sites

Pictures convey a lot of messages depending on who views them and how such images are interpreted. The best SEO company in Calgary will often recommend the use of the following 7 high authority picture sites to help increase the level of credibility of your own website.


7 High Authority Picture Sites

7 High Authority Picture Sites



1. Flickr – Launched in 2004 by Ludicorp before being acquired by Yahoo a year later, Flickr has become one of the world’s leading image and video hosting platform. Flickr boasts of being the platform of choice by both professional photo researchers and serious bloggers. If you are a blogger and you would like to embed images in your blog and other social media, then Flickr can host it for you.

2. Photobucket – One of the earliest photo hosting and sharing sites is Photobucket, established in 2003. It allowed users to upload images and videos and then share them with their own network. It features a direct link which can be helpful in increasing the power of SEO services by linking photos in your Photobucket account to other websites.

3. Google Photos – A relatively new entry from an industry stalwart, Google Photos just began its photo and video sharing services in 2015. While it is relatively new, you can say that this is best optimized for search engine optimization activities such that even the best SEO company Calgary considers it one of the best. This is because it is an offshoot of Google’s most famous social media networking platform – Google+.

4. TinyPic – A year after launching Photobucket, the same developers launched TinyPic which allowed users to upload videos and images directly on the internet without the need for signing up for an account. Each uploaded file is given a rather very short URL which, Calgary SEO companies say, can be used to leverage all existing search engine optimization efforts.

5. Behance – For individuals who have really artistic and creative talents and who would like to showcase their masterpieces for the whole world to see and appreciate, then they simply need to get Behance. Born in 2006, Behance aims to empower countless creative professionals to make their projects in a highly organized and efficient manner.

6. 500px – If you have a keen eye for the arts or you can frame almost anything to provide meaning to it, then you are doing a visual interpretation of one of the best SEO services you can ever find. One platform that can help you with this is 500px, a site dedicated to the discovery of inspiring photography which can be shared, bought, or sold by almost anyone all over the world. Just look at it as one way to monetize your photographic talents.

7. Trello – This platform is dedicated to individuals working in projects. Trello is a project board where you can immediately see the different ideas of your team, things you need to do, things that are being done, and the things that have already been accomplished. It’s a visual kind of project management tool.

These are just some of the more innovative Calgary SEO Consultants focus on image and video management and sharing. The point is that these sites can help you increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.


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