How using those 5 tips can help your SEO in Calgary

Calgary SEO Solutions will help with all your Internet Marketing needs

Calgary SEO Solutions will help with all your Internet Marketing needs.


Be seen or be forgotten. You can talk about how great your business is all day long, but if no one sees you, no one will know you exist. Calgary is a big city, and is growing each year. The city’s total population is now at 1,230,915 in 2015, an increase of 35,721 from 2014. Think of how many schools, how many roads, how many buses, how many new businesses are added each year. Amazing, isn’t it?

We made a list of 5 SEO tips that can help your ranking in Calgary and surrounding area:

1.Choose relevant keywords

First step is to choose the Google search term or phrase you want your offer to show up for. You need to know what people are actually searching for. The easiest way to do it is use Google Keyword Planner. You will first need to setup a Gmail address and Google Adwords account to gain access.

2.Research your competition

Assuming that you have the keyword you want to rank for, open the private browsing mode on your web browser (“Incognito” window in Google, “Private” window in Safari and “InPrivate” in Internet Explorer) and search for your competitors. Private mode will exclude the past browsing history and provide more accurate results. Can you see the top 10 results? This is your competition and this is where you want to be.

3.Write Amazing Content

Now that you know what your competitors are doing, it’s time to outdo them by creating some mind blowing content. This is probably the hardest part but it can be outsourced. Blogging and Social Media is HUGE nowadays so become an expert in your niche.

4.Link, Link – Internally and Externally

Your content should link to the content on your site and to the external websites. Find websites with good reputation and link to it. It’s called “link building”. For a list of external links, I like It’s an amazing resource with over 500+ Social Media websites to instantly help your brand.

Use Keywords in the URL name, images, blog posts and title page

Google will be able to determine what your site is about by analyzing words in your blog posts, URL name and images.


Remember to rename your images with proper keywords. Instead of a file called “12345.png” change it to something relevant to your business.

URL name

I’m talking about everything that comes after .com, .org, .net or whatever you use. Google will more likely show a page like the 1st example vs. 2nd example.




Title Page

Your page should contain keywords you want to rank for, but it doesn’t mean it has to be exact. The title should be interesting enough that people will actually want to click on it. A great example is “Companies Will Spend $65 Billion on SEO in 2016…” Instead of “Companies will send money on SEO”. You got the point! Make it fun and educational.

The above 5 point may not include all a company should know about Search Engine Optimization, but by following these steps you should get some more SEO traffic to your Local Calgary Business.

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