Everyone is talking about how effective search engine optimization strategies have helped their personal or business websites generate the kind of traffic that they could only imagine before. Unfortunately, if all companies and all bloggers and website owners were adhering to these strategies, then clearly, everyone will be on top of the search rankings. But this is not really the case. Many websites simply stopped evolving such that even unknown websites are now finding their way to the top. If you’re in such a predicament, maybe it’s time to review your SEO strategies and find out if these are still relevant. Here are some old SEO techniques and why they were scrapped and which you should take note to keep your website all the more relevant.


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Stuffing Titles or Headlines with Keywords


It may have worked in the past, but not anymore. There was clearly a point in history when all SEO “specialists” cared about was getting as many people to click on their links. One of the best ways to do this back then was the use of a headline or a title that was overstuffed with keywords that it simply doesn’t make sense anymore. Of course, it worked before because Google’s algorithm was inherently designed this way. Unfortunately, Google and the rest of the gang got smarter. Now, if they see a title that’s stuffed with keywords they will automatically think that it’s spammy, a possible virus, a malware, and definitely a waste of time. You see, search engines now look for quality above all else.


Creating Anchor Texts on Internal Links 


Again, in the past, creating anchor texts on internal links was a surefire way to be successful in one’s SEO activities. That was in the past, however. You could basically link almost anything. Today, however, the emphasis is on high quality AND relevant content. If the anchor texts are simply not relevant or are largely inappropriate to the links, then it was labeled as a spam and simply garbage. While we can still employ the same tactic, we need to be more careful now by emphasizing quality and relevance over anything else.


Putting Target Keywords on Every Page


Before the RankBrain and Hummingbird updates were rolled out, we enjoyed the full benefits of putting every conceivable targeted keyword in every page of our website. This helped ensure that our website will be generating the kind of traffic that we envision it to have. Again, if we do this today, your whole website is considered a spam or even malware according to Google and its many counterparts.


Use of Microsites and Multiple Domains for Same Targets 


As always, the idea is to create as many “bogus” websites that will link back to your website. It sounded very logical back then. Now, as we have kept on pointing out, Google and its pals are simply out there cleaning the web with so many “bogus” sites and links. Quality ranks supreme.

These are just some of the many SEO techniques that are simply not worthy of pursuing anymore. So, if you’re still doing these things, it’s time to stop and rethink your website’s future.


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