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Here at Calgary SEO Solutions, we earned the reputation as the best Internet Marketing service in all of the Calgary, Alberta for a reason. We offer unbeatable Search Engine Optimization plans, Social Media Management, Membership Websites, Website Analysis and much more. Our SEO packages are affordable and we use only proven search engine marketing and Social Media marketing techniques that are trusted and ethical. We have the most current knowledge and tools to guarantee the best results.


SEO Calgary is crucial to a local business

SEO Calgary is crucial to a local business



What is SEO?


What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of making your website visible in search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. It combines backlinks, social media exposure, business listings, citations and the overall authority and trust of your site. Proper SEO ensures that your website ranks on page 1 giving you more exposure to potential customers.


Why SEO?


 Why Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a proven internet marketing technique that can drive thousands of customers to your local business. In today’s modern world where we are dependent on technology, it’s the perfect time to use SEO to your advantage.


how SEO can help you


 How Search Engine Optimization Help You?

With Strong SEO you can dominate Search Engines! It can provide you with more exposure on Google by ranking higher and gaining more credibility for your local business. SEO has a high rate of return on investment because of all the potential customers searching for your local service.


Google Traffic Calgary


How It Works? 

We Use Our Proven Process: 


First, if you have an existing website, we will analyze your website and make sure that there are no issues with any prior search engine optimization work if any was previously done. Our company will check for penalties, proper SEO titles, meta descriptions and then make any necessary changes to make sure that your business website is properly optimized.

If you do not have a website, we can build one for you which will be properly optimized. Proper branding is the key to success is today’s world. Our company wants you to be proud to hand out your business card and send people to your website.

Secondly, we will make sure that you are verified in Google My Business, Bing and Yahoo business directories. We will check for basics Social Media accounts. Social Media accounts help build power and trust for your site. We will correct any that are not optimized properly, and check if all the necessary information is filled out.

Thirdly, citations are next on the list. Our Calgary SEO consultants know exactly the right type of citations to send to your website. We look for relevant and high domain authority citations to make sure to build the proper trust and foundation. By doing that, you will begin to dominate search results for your key terms.

By using Calgary SEO services, you will naturally rank well in the 7 pack (or maps) and also the organic listings.  You can say goodbye to PPC campaigns or any other paid advertising!  Most of our clients find, that the return they get from the SEO work our company provides is way better than any form of paid advertising.

Calgary SEO Solutions offers different types of packages customized to your needs. Depending on what require, we can not only rank your homepage, but also other web properties. We are talking about properties such as YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest but any citations we have done for you like Yelp or Businessfinder411.

Calgary SEO Experts  can also help with Social Media exposure. Our company has the current knowledge of strategies that a brand should use on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit.




Is your Website Search Engine Optimized at all ?

Your Customers are looking for you! Can you be found for your product or service very easily? The secret to making MORE MONEY is a consistent flow of targeted leads. I’m talking about serious leads – customers who have no problem moving forward with your product or service. In order for it to happen, you need to dominate your competition by taking over Google. There are over 2.4 million Google Search Queries happening every Minute. So STOP hiding on the 2nd, 3rd, 50th, page of Google and give your business exposure it deserves!

” Second place is the first loser” – Dale Earnhardt, American Racing Legend ( 1951-2001)

Calgary Seo SolutionsGROW CUSTOMER BASE

Looking for more targeted leads?

What would 10, 20, 50,100,200 new customers each month mean to you? Calgary SEO provides solutions to help drive more audience to your website, product or service so you can grow your market share.


Is your website Mobile Friendly?

People are addicted to their mobile devices and are getting more done on their smartphones than ever before. Let’s face it, people want to check their Facebook, pay their bills, book their vacation, buy their movie tickets or do anything else for that matter while they are having a coffee in their favorite coffee shop or a local restaurant. With that said, the new Google mobile-friendly algorithm gives an additional ranking boost for mobile-friendly websites in the mobile search results. If you want your business to take advantage of mobile technology Calgary SEO Experts can help.

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Are you looking to improve your Social Media presence?

Are you looking to improve your Social Media presence? Social Media consists of not only Facebook, Twitter and a bit lesser known LinkedIn; but incorporates other social platforms. Very few companies are offering Social Media Management to their clients. One must realize the fact that to truly understand Social Media, you must continuously educate themselves. Most business owners don’t utilize platforms like Yelp, YouTube, Instagram, Stumble Upon, Snapchat or various blogging platforms. Social Media presence is very important in today’s world and a great way to generate business. By having an active YouTube Channel you can increase traffic to your website.


Have you considered starting a Membership website?

Have you considered starting a Membership websites? We have you covered. Did you know that you can now show your expertise in your field by creating content, posting it on a membership website and customers will pay to subscribe? If you are a personal development coach, have unique cooking recipes, weight loss advice, parenting advice, dating advice, or an expert in your field, membership sites are for you!  Through valuable videos, downloadable content and blog posts you can educate both free and paid members. We offer high converting mobile optimized opt-in pages that will help you capture leads and convert them into sales.

Website Analysis


Is your website on a map?

Search Optimization requires in-depth research of not only focus keywords but also analysis of competitors, their SEO approach, technical capabilities of their existing website and Geographic focus in relation to the domain name at hand .We offer our customers current knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and access to the best tools allows us to provide detail analysis.

Worry Free Contracts


At Calgary SEO we don’t have long-term contracts. Our company provides high-quality service by learning about a company’s business and creating a plan of action that it will meet its goals.

If you are ready to leap forward and make the decision to go with Calgary SEO Solutions as your choice for an online marketing platform, feel free to contact us by pressing Get Started Now button below. We are ready to take your business to the next level.



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